How to Get the Trendy Full Eyebrow Look

These days, having the right kind of eyebrows is important if you want to be on trend. In the past, thin and barely-there eyebrows were all the rage. Now, thick and filled-in eyebrows are the trendy way to frame your face. Below, are three ways to achieve the trendy full eyebrow look.


Makeup has been used to fill in eyebrows for decades, and it can be used to achieve the full eyebrow look that is trendy right now. In the past, people would use a near-black eyebrow pencil to draw a single line to fill in their brows. This is incorrect.

Instead, get an eyebrow pencil that matches your eyebrow color (you can also go a shade darker) and draw thin lines in a stroking motion to replicate the appearance of brow hairs. You want your eyebrows to look fuller, but you don’t want them to look like blocks above your eyes.

Getting this look using makeup is time consuming and can take up to 30 minutes to perfect your brows, but it’s worth it if you want to be on trend!

Semi-Permanent Treatments

If the idea of painting on eyebrows for long periods of time each and every morning is not appealing to you, there are more permanent options out there to help you achieve the full eyebrow look.

A popular option right now is microblading. This beauty treatment is essentially a semi-permanent tattoo that replicates eyebrow hairs, and the results look natural and realistic. The pain is minimal, and the results that microblading snohomish professionals provide last for months!

Natural Options

microblading snohomish

Although not scientifically proven, the beauty community raves about natural options for achieving the full eyebrow look. There are several natural oils that are thought to facilitate hair growth. The most popular option for eyebrow (and eyelash) growth is castor oil. It is inexpensive and can be purchased on Amazon or a pharmacy drug store. Just brush the oil through your eyebrows morning and night and you should see results.

If you want to be on trend, then you need to make sure your eyebrows are full and filled-in. From makeup to microblading to castor oil, there are so many ways to achieve the perfect brows.