What You Should Do if You’re Prone to Razor Burn

Shaving, in general, is a tedious and unpleasant task. But, if after you finish shaving you find yourself getting red, itchy, and painful razor burn rashes, shaving can be an actual pain. Believe it or not, it is fairly common to get razor burn after shaving and it is even more common in people with curly hair or sensitive skin.

If you find yourself plagued by unsightly and unbearable razor burn- don’t worry! There are ways to prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs from ruining your perfect shave.


If you are prone to razor burn, it could just be that you’re not exfoliating often enough. If you don’t use a loofah, incorporating one into your shower routine can cut-back on the severity of razor burn you get after shaving.

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There are many medical treatments that you can get to combat razor burn and ingrown hairs. You can get prescription ointments from a doctor, or you can get laser hair removal treatments to get rid of hair altogether, so that you no longer have to shave.

If you just really hate shaving, then find a laser hair removal new york ny provider. That could the hair removal solution that you’ve always dreamed of.


Even if you get laser hair removal, you may notice some red bumps pop up on the treated area. While laser hair removal gets rid of the need to use a razor, you may still get the occasional flare up of in-grown hairs or an irritation rash. Therefore, it is important to moisturize using a heavy and nourishing lotion to prevent this. If you’re choosing to shave, it is especially important to moisturize directly after shaving to prevent both ingrown hairs and razor burn.

Smooth skin feels nice and luxurious, and if razor burn and ingrown hairs are ruining this feeling you should exfoliate, look into laser hair removal, and moisturize every day to get your skin back to feel soft and smooth.